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A Global View Will Get You into a Win-Win Situation

Comfort, added value and ESPARD

Trust is made of a collection of details: quality, trustworthiness, honesty and skills. A short-term solution can place trust but not in a confident and stable way. As it can always be threatened by the unexpected, at any moment.

We always pay fees for the services we take. At the beginning, the cost will seem just as a simple amount of money, but looking more deeply, we will face a group of details: money, feelings and experiences. If, at the end, we receive the services we need, it means some parts of the expenses are covered, but that’s not all. A pleasant service and the way through which it is realized is much worth. The service is well accomplished when the one who receives it, gets a hundred percent satisfied and sees no inefficiency and wonders it wouldn’t have been done better. 

In a larger view, both provider and receiver of the service deserve to get a win-win outcome. Both of them should be happy at the end. Many of us need someone to help us clean our home or our office. It’s not a gamble. Nobody likes to find himself in a win-lose or lose-lose situation. During our life, we take on different challenges which provide us chances to choose to look deeply and superficially. Which way would you decide to follow?

A good choice will bring us whatever we need: speed, accuracy, quality and trust. But a better choice offers you one more advantage: calmness. In fact, in ESPARD, such elements as “speed, accuracy, quality and trust” are so primary and basic. But a larger sight sets an added value which resides in calmness. 

In fact, everyone likes to be placed in a win-win situation.