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Iran is the fifth largest Google user

It might be interesting to know that Iran is the world’s fifth largest Google user. Iranians show, day after day, an increasing tendency to digital spaces and Internet researches. In recent years, online businesses have been taken into consideration in Iran and a large number of Iranian startups have attracted foreign investors. It is to note that in the software development field, Iran is a country with strong technical infrastructure, professional and cost-effective human resources. It is also strategically the safest country in the Middle East which leads to a higher rate of economic growth.


Why Iran is attractive for investment?

Iran is a young country

44 million of the Iranian population are aged 20 – 32.

huge growth in smartphone users

In 2017, we have 40 m smartphone users in Iran.

High rate of Internet penetration

In 2016, Internet penetration rate in Iran reached 47%.

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    The focus of TFI is specially the daily routine activities of the Iranian people

    By focusing on everyday activities of the Iranians, TFI tries to provide people with better, easier, and more efficient conditions in different areas of their lives. With regard to the activities and needs of people, our aim is to help people in their daily decisions and to create new and pleasant experiences for them.