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Working culture

Everything here is based on trust

TFI is a hundred-year-old youngster, full of vitality and creativity and yet teeming with sophistication and experience. The small age gap between its team members has helped them interact better with each other and work in more harmony. In TFI, grades don’t matter. Every one works hand in hand and has very close relations with others. Our working hours are flexible and we don’t take attendance as for us everything is built on trust. In TFI, nothing is more important than getting things done in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality. We value and respect all the members of TFI family, the ones who use our platforms and all of the investors. And we try to offer them greater feelings and valuable experiences.


TFI is a public compay

By its minimal and modern Iranian atmosphere, TFI gets closer to the Iranian culture. Here, different teams with their own specific moods and characters work on different projects. Besides, everyone can choose which project to work on or which team to cooperate with. TFI gives any necessary educational support to its members and provides all their requirements. The members can also help themselves to fresh snacks, any time during the day.

No one cares for working hours here, but everyone’s main concern is to get things done on time and in the best possible way. Hence, it is no surprise if our team works even at midnight and burns the midnight oil.


Why TFI?

Features that distinguish TFI from others

Flexible and adjustable working hours
Creativity and professional behavior
Modern and minimal environment
Friendly and close working relations
Training and career progression
Appropriate salary and benefits



Our team's opinion about working at TFI

UI Designer Yasaman Azodifar
When you work with love and passion, you will see the incredible effect it can have on the people. I’m very happy to work with all my heart for TFI.
Technical Manager Amir Khorsandi
TFI is an amazing company that can help me draw on all my experiences and knowledge. At TFI, I have to learn every day and get prepared for new challenges.
UX Designer Vahid Afshar
TFI means to be brave to make changes. Changes that can improve the world around us. There is always a better and more pleasant way to accomplish a task; and it’s this new way that my friends and I, at TFI, try to design

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Developing for Android operating system
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Human Resources (HR) Specialist
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